Mr.2000SB Set

Mr.2000SB Set

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Our Mr. 2000 single coil pickup is inspired by the 1962 Rowe Industries Dearmond pickup that came to our workbench long ago. The challenge for us was to keep the same blueprint as a guideline and convert it into the size of a humbucker. We ended up with two versions: one is the HB (Hollow Body)  and the other is the SB (Solid Body).

The version of SB (Solid Body) means that the magnets have ¾ ‘ length (are shorter compared to the original) and the whole construction can fit on most solid body humbucker cavities.


  • Single Coil
  • DC Resistance Neck: 10.4 K   and the Bridge 11.6 K at 23 
  • Hand Wound
  • Alnico  5  rod magnets
  • 44 AWG coil wire
  • Nickel silver (German Silver) cover and base bottom