About Us


Dim Spiliotopoulos is an electrical engineer, who, after spending his entire past life in the construction field, has dedicated the last 5 years in developing and designing pickups, tube preamps, and output transformers.

Dim Spiliotopoulos owner of Gabojo amplification

Our Concept :

We get inspired by the masters of the past and get influenced by these sounds.

We try to give a unique tone on every pickup that can distinguish your instrument.

We love working with our hands as we feel that this keeps us close to the guitarists who do exactly the same.

We spend a lot of time researching things as we try to match the new with the old.

We use old stories or little phrases of guitar solos from old records to get inspirations and design our pickups.

We like to combine classical pickup structures such as humbucker, Firebird or gold foil with different elements and dimensions to achieve what we jokingly call the new vintage tone …

Winding Coils

Wax Potting

Wax potting is another technique that we use for our pickups which gives us the capability to handle the harmonics and the guitar pickup feedback. We believe that this is the most important factor of the guitar pickup tone.


We use Alnico magnets which are the basic ingredient of the construction and give the distinguished flavor to the tone.

Nickel Silver

We prefer to use silver nickel sheets for our pickup covers, but sometimes, when we want to achieve a dark and mellow tone, the brass sheets becomes our favorite choice.